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Gabrielle DeVere


I am so glad I chose to try
this medication for my dog.

My dog was diagnosed with bladder cancer in November 2022. I considered options for medication, chemotherapy and surgery. Ultimately I elected not to pursue chemotherapy or surgery. I found out about the low dose naltrexone trial for dogs with bladder cancer from Elite pharmacy. I enrolled her and have been giving her this medication for close to a year. She has done great. Her bladder tumor has demonstrated some shrinkage and many of her symptoms have decreased or resolved. I have also noted some improvement in her cognition (she is almost 16) and her mobility and attitude. She takes the medication great and likes the peanut butter flavor. I also use Elite for many of my own patient's medication needs and have been beyond pleased with the service and they are great to work with. I am so glad I chose to try this medication for my dog.